At Peace

Yesterday I watched a man
tied by the hands,
hung on a rope,
in front of the square,
like a portrait.

His naked flesh,
at its purest,
decorated with red lines,
and drips beautiful red paint.

I watched the man;
from his eyes,
water dripped
glimmering and sparkling,
and flowed a river
shining with colors.

The hot sun
tans his body
a beautiful gold and red.

Yesterday I watched a man
tied by the hands.
The rope painted his skin
and he sang
a beautiful song

I watched the man,
slowly closing his eyes,
slowly and slowly,
And today,
he is off -
somewhere better.

by Som Thao

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A very good narrative poem, death of a man by the gallows well captured. I like the articulation of the piece as it brought to light the essence of the poem and poet's conviction. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.