The Human Rights Day

The World Humans Rights,
today humans in mad fights,
fanatics born in between,
never understand the line,
one track one way,
let the world understant or cry,
Issues of Universe confuse,
Humanity at the roads of abuse,
Human rights a big question,
the civilized society confusing often,
from ancience to civilization,
the long journey yet to feel completion,
Somewhere some void or cap,
failing to bridge the human gap,
the world is terror stricken,
the edifice of terror in muffled pain,
the cacophony of the shrilled voice,
whispered messages by default a choice,
No one dares to speak the truth,
Even Authors shiver to pen the truth,
Returning the shields of recognition,
No choice or alternative except sheer abnegation,
Abnegation is no solution,
protest in silent resolution,
the fearless common man,
does not understand the difference between man & man,
screwing the nut too much,
would loosen the grip as such,
The World Human Rights Day,
Raising eyebrows of human Pain & pray....
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 10/12/2015 on the eve of World Human Rights Day


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Terrance Hayes is a poet with precise, poetic vision. He has the ability to lift commonalities of life experience out of the living canvas and he does it bravely. This poem flows seamlessly from the poet and his childhood experience with love and sexuality and the experience of adult men at the Pegasus Club in Pittsburgh.It is felt by the reader it is one of his best due to its clear nexus and truth.