At Rest Where Sky Is Gray

Inspired by Jayashrii Dwivedi

Where in minds, is care not fears,
sweeping clouds in sky;
souls abound, creation sounds,
bliss sought in life's chi;
power not a feature here,
home this generation so seeks;
cut exterminations chains,
cede life to all deemed weak.

Time, rings a diverse tone,
concord and peace is reached;
thought flows where fear lives,
lies in soul now leached;
as for all outside this place,
is pain now not impeached;
living castes laid to waste,
peace be in each beseeched.

Dwell, in those who chose,
to come rest where sky is gray;
let soul's glow a living face,
shine ever in love's cache;
in splendor live, be not afraid,
apprehension fall gauche;
life's pain is gone within,
a being's needs are not abash.

Misting, in the gray of sky,
delights wash memories fear;
anguish, distain, and sloth,
elements of life disappear;
here a truth, there regret,
leave death to new loves cheer;
open mind, to all in kind,
soul thought smiles now steer.

Creation cares for sounds of life,
in each and every soul;
tones of love, and songs of joy,
all parts of beings whole;
resting wind, move chimes to sing,
truth whispering cajole;
part of each, being one, enter,
reap divine love's console.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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