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At Schiller Park

I sit on a bench and I look out on the park
Where the world seems to lazily pass me by,
The grass is green, the trees are brown, and blue is the sky,
Nature had left her miraculous mark.

Squirrels and people I see eagerly running
Dogs on leashes are being walked,
Every person that passed, happily waved and talked,
Life is so remarkable and stunning.

Ducks and Swans are floating on the pond
Ducks and Swans are on the ground too,
I laughed as I thought who truly is watching who,
Nature and man had made a community bond.

I stand beside the statue of Friedrich Schiller
The philosopher who of this area reigns,
Sometimes quietness, is the heaviest and the most confining chains,
Whereas though sometimes, loneliness is the very best healer.

It is now dark, so now I must leave
The fireflies have arrived they are now my only light,
I am so happy and refreshed, without an argument or a fight,
But! with one last fresh breath, a new thought I will weave.

Randy L. McClave

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