Jasmine, Flower Of Our Day

She will soon be arriving
And is well on her way.
A journey quite hazardous
There's no time for delay.
We expect her any moment
The engine will scream...
'Our dear baby is born
It's a miracle ~ a dream'.

She is leaving stage one
And entering stage two
There is strenuous pushing
but her head is in view.
'Hello little one
Darling queen of the may,
We name you sweet 'Jasmine'
Flower of the day'.

by Joyce Hemsley

Comments (5)

incorrect - should be " In her myself" NOT ELF! !
Verse 4 should read In her my SELF dissolves - that elf typo has been reproduced many times online, but of course it makes no sense that way. At any rate, this is a magnificent poem.
Wow. The last stanza says so much! A nice write by the poet.
Aleister Amazing poetic skills here
Bark should probably be barque, since it refers to a ship and bark is a lesser-known US spelling of that word... If there is an existing published copy with bark, though, it's still a possibility. Next, I'm certain that elf should be self, and this can be heard in any recording of Crowley reciting this poem. This is a beautiful poem. Despite what Plague Rose may say, more than a cursory glance at Crowley and his works is necessary to truly comprehend such a man - especially a man so entrenched in controversy and biased misinformation, both for and against him. If nothing else, surely poems such as this should be evidence against having an evil character.