At Seventeen

Poem By jim hogg

I remember you when you were only seventeen.
The sun was high above us then
and all the fields were green.
Shooting stars flashed briefly in
those long gone autumn nights
But time, it seemed, just came and went
So slowly that our lives,
Felt like they'd never end

I remember you outside the gym when we were young
Your eyes were full of sunshine,
there was passion on your tongue
I didn't have the words back then
to tell you how I felt,
But still you took my hand and walked,
Out where love rose and fell,
Down where the seabirds flocked.

I remember dancing in your arms at Christmas time
The local band played Maggie May
and everything seemed right
We danced inside the moment
until the music stopped
Then climbed the hill to home too soon
In late December frost,
beneath a mist wreathed moon.

And now you've crossed the great divide
Your pain is gone, at such a price
And I will think of you in grey and white,
I will think of you on autumn nights
I will think of you at Christmas time
And I'll think of when your lips touched mine
And I'll remember you at seventeen
When the sun was high
and all the fields were green

Comments about At Seventeen

The great divide......I have never thought of it in this light.....perfection! ! ! [][
Hi Jim, Beautiful lovely-sonorous a song about the past about which you worry so late I agree lines: and I was just a teenage fool with sense enough to pray that I might spend some time with you 10......................................................... ... There is no doubt that you were fantastic pair would be good if you start thinking of music about it by any way.... Tsira

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