At Some Point

At some point,
Brick walls found become easier to find.
At some point,
A thick head hit to hurt will stop in time.
And at some point,
A making up one's mind to sit and reconsider...
The taking of actions to eliminate pain,
Is a benefit that achieves from it dividends.
And is an investment that turns away from delays.
To expect a profit from what's deposited.

At some point a loss of common sense returns,
To become more effective than it has ever been.
And at some point,
Dead-ends are recognized to be delays.
With an awakening of those with confessions made,
That even though brick walls found became easier to find...
Better is a life to live,
Without trying to rid them by using one's head.
And at some point when that moment comes,
One recognizes a stalling for what is to be avoided!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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thanks for the connections, Lawrence.