At 'that' Gay Club

When people on a mission,
With motivation and incentive...
Are blocked and eventually stopped,
From making contributions...
By taking steps forward closer to the future.
With a doing done to benefit all...
There will be others portraying them to be,
Seekers of attention.
And with this wanted desperately.
Regardless of experiences they may have.
Or the hope what they've achieved...
Will assist those willing,
To open their minds with it done...
Without attempting to relive a long gone past.

And yet...
Relying on gossip in ears heard to spread,
Always there is 'someone'...
Finding the time to undermine 'themselves'.
Repeating to be told,
What to them had been said.

What progress can a people like this expect?

'You will not believe what we were just told.'

~I can't hear you.
The music in here is too loud.~

'Remember those people,
Who use to come to our community meetings? '

~Oh, yes. Of course.
I remember them.
They were were the one with fantastic ideas.~

But we were told,
They were lesbians and homosexuals.'

~That's nonsense.
Who would say something like that?
And why? ~

They are 'not' Christians.'

~Lies! What?
Where di you hear this from?
Who told you this nonsense? ~

'A couple of ministers we met last week.
At 'that' gay club.
Telling us to keep their presence discreet.
We had a good time too.
You missed it.'

~And where were the people,
You all were talking about? ~

'Who knows.
We've never seen them out socializing.'

Besides having a good time,
Ruining reputations.
What else did you 'Christians' do? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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