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At The Altar Of Love
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

At The Altar Of Love

at the altar of love,
i see many broken hearts tonight.
As angels circle above,
but shining no more their beautiful light.
i see pain within the souls
i see tears within the eyes
i knew some thing was wrong,
and i took no time to realise.
no more will be love,
Tonight; love will slowly dies.
Why do they give up so fast,
like they were never meant to be.
They never gave love time to last,
so it got strang and it lost it's glee.
No one cares for love any more,
as they care for other things.
in his face they shut the door,
so ignorant to the joy it brings.
They decided toget love out of life,
so with hearts so tough, it has no chance to surfive.
Dead roses and rotten flora,
they destroyed it's place.
Red is the colour of the aurora,
and blood runs down his face.
Close your eyes on the truth
which hurts.
It's the time when love
is only words.
Can you see us there?
the last with love in our hearts.
the last who care.
We still dream about new starts.
We carry pain which we can't bare.
can't they just think twice?
tears fell down like rain,
Slowly love dies
and people gone insane.
You found me in the crowd
and smiled in vain.
you shouted so loud
screaming my name.
Hold my hand with the power
of our love, i know we can.
They day hasn't yet send the first beam
we still have the chance.
let us try to heal love, let us dream
we won't let this go in a glance.
The one i love is you
together we can change what,
sadly became true.
I LOVE YOU, so loud i cried
Many of them done the same.
it's when the desires to cange collide,
finally they knew who to blame.
wake up love, it's us
a whole world needs you.
in you we surely trust.
breathe love, please do.
Now breaks the day.
Kisses are so sweet.
maybe love found it's way,
to swep us off our feet
Yes, it was never too late
to find the love deep inside
to drown in dreams as we wait,
to blow our minds.
I can't believe that we stood and saved the day
Now and only now we can fall and pray

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