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At The Arch Of War.
KC (September 26,1988 / Orillia, Ontario, Canada)

At The Arch Of War.

We die in war, and live for peace
We fight for love, and rest only when deceased
So much mindless rage and reckless hate
A result of age or consequence of fate
An undying tale written in our hearts
By painful memories that impale like darts
In our mind and in our souls
The weaving end remains untold
As time reveals the future
We forget about the things that really matter
And embrace the poison created by lies
That destroys the forest and pollutes the sky
Why do we ruin what is good and live out the bad?
Why do we strive to make other people sad?
Questions that will go unanswered
Just like a cure for cancer
Yet we have all this technology all this intelligence
And we spend it on what the media and politicians call “national-defence”
A nation under fire is world in distress with faces in the window and bullets on the desk
Running through the veins of every person shooting from their mouths slipping from their grip taking every life.
So now what’s left of peace and quiet dreams screaming inside the mind where I’m sure you’ll find a pretty face fading.
Come out of the shade and into the darkest light of all where you will fall onto the pity strung bodies of…
The Future!

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