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At The Cemetery

At the cemetery I visit my family and friends
Final lodging where their destination ends,
By their graves I will always say a personal prayer
And it always is, I wish that they were not there.
Maybe I need to make my own amends.

I remove the weeds and debris from their plot
Sometimes I place flowers that I have bought,
Then sometimes for a while we will all just chat
Then with a smile I will ask, if they remember this or that.
Truth and reality is what I have truly sought.

Many times from the cemetery park after I leave
I like to go where I will smile and I will not grieve,
So, sometimes I will visit that pretty cemetery office worker
But, sadly for me she is never a work shirker.
Her condolences, I do not want to receive.

Life is too short which we all realize is so true
Sometimes behind us we know that it's through,
So, I always look forward and not ever behind
Tomorrow, is the time that I want to always find.
I still want to hear another, "I Love You".

I have seen and read so many forgotten graves
The ones no-one ever visits or even pass by with waves,
That is why today is the reason that I want to do all my living
Tomorrow I can always start my forgiving.
Only God saves.

I need no validation as I have all the proof
Sometimes living is gone with a seemingly poof,
I hope to wake up again to greet another tomorrow
The ground that I walk on today, should not be for sorrow.
One thing though for certain, the earth someday will be my roof.

Randy L. McClave

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Good writing and provocative. I makes me pause and reflect. Thank you for writing. I saved it and read it again this evening. Nhien