At The Center Free To Flame

At The Center of A Flame
Powerfully bright, somehow into shame
for its little touch of blue burning in the middle alive
Living into sounds of Poem and romance.

Every word, every sound free flowing into abyssal
Heavy weight withholding its roots to the ground prepared to the wind to come
Messing around the words and sound and picking the weight up,
As if light as leaf taking it helpless Sorry or Safe,
On control until its not, as wind comes and goes.

Shamed by the absence in opposite to the presence,
of what love “I do”, in memory to have, but not to hold its essence,
Afraid not to burn, and a Flame never more to light and hold,
Instead into grand tales of adventure and glory FREE become.

by Florida Angel

Comments (2)

Unreal........10 out of 10
This lovely poem ' Shines ' as bright as the flame referred to here within.....excellent.....marci. :)