At The Cross-Roads.

I used to call in to that service station
on the corner, feeling pumped up before college
and glad to hear the attendant ask, 'Fill it up? '
I would answer 'yes' as petrol was cheap then.
The attendant would check the oil level
then the water in the radiator
if it was not too hot for safety.
I was hot in those days and soon did it myself.
Self-service is common now around the pumps.

The service station on the corner closed down
many years ago, although the building stayed,
a shop with nothing to sell, a car-less forecourt.
Other service stations kept selling other brands,
increasing their prices across the board,
although those prices did fluctuate.
Yesterday I saw that the old station
on the corner is reopening-same site different brand-
Regular 91 and Force 10 high octane.
I will go back to my old station on the corner:
May the Force be with you my friend.

- 30/31 July,2017.

by Michael Walker

Comments (2)

Well narrated poem on transport. I read the poet's note given by you and appreciated. The last lines viz. .. I do not accept theories about carbon emissions caused by motor vehicles. In other words, I am living in the present not the past.... are touching. Thanks.
Michael, I agree, Having a car and being able to drive to one's favorite places is one of the special JOYS in life! ! !