At The Crossroads

The many who can not see the light,
But take it upon themselves...
To dim with their darkened attempts to prevent,
Steps taken by those at the crossroads...
Where conflicts intersect and meet,
A choice between a progress to accept or leave...
At a crucial point in which reality can be clearly seen,
But their choice to make is to taunt and not receive...
That which shines bright with promise to believe.

And attempts to stop the ones who have awakened...
With a consciousness to know,
They have arrived at the crossroads...
Is a waste of time to contemplate.
And all that had been evil to deceive repeatedly,
Must be let go.
Must be left behind to know that a darkness,
In closed minds kept choosing to stay blind...
Will not find for themselves peace or happiness,
To 'perceive' this can be sought to seek in chaos.
Many are addicted to conflicts that have left them sick.

At the crossroads,
Even those we thought we knew to grow to know...
Will not be able to choose to move forward.
If they are too blind to see the light or 'feel' its glow.
And leaving them behind some will find heartbreaking.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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