To-night the little girl-nun died.
Her hands were laid
Across her breast; the last sun tried
To kiss her quiet braid;
And where the little river cried,
Her grave was made.

The little girl-nun's soul, in awe,
Went silently
To where her brother Christ she saw,
Under the Living Tree;
He sighed, and his face seemed to draw
Her tears, to see.

He laid his hands on her hands mild,
And gravely blessed;
'Blind, they that kept you so,' ht smiled,
With tears unguessed.
' Saw they not Mary held a child
Upon her breast?'

by Mary Carolyn Davies

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Good Poetry Need Not Rhyme I believe good poetry need not rhyme superior intensity may be obtained by omitting inferior overdone rhymes Copyright © Terence George Craddock
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Well defined in raising questions implying myriad possibilities when exiting doors.
If only this rhymed, then it would be good poetry! I like the paragraph that talks about pretending to see through the door and pretending that you dont need it. Speaks of independence and strength but yet gives all the options in the poem. The idea is good and relatable, but the beginning lacks substance to draw you in and the absence of rhyming puts it at a lower level than it deserves.
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