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At The Dragon Gate

Ray Havron walked into the Teacher’s Center.
He seemed to have gained weight
since yesterday.
“Ray, can I ask you a question?
It’s a little personal,
not too personal,
but a little.”
“What is it, Bernstein?
I got things on my mind.”
“Did you gain weight since yesterday? ”
“I couldn’t sleep,
like I said I got things on my mind.
At two in the morning
I ate three bagels and lay down.
No go.
I got up at two-fifteen
ate three more bagels
and lay down again.
Still no go.
I got up at two-thirty
and had a pint of Ben and Jerry.
That did it.
Most of the time I never eat
after twelve
because after twelve
whatever you eat
sticks to you like glue
while what you eat
before twelve has a tendency
to get burned up
but I couldn’t deal with
the tossing and turning.
That’s the worst.”

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