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At The Edge Of Everything
JW (10.28.65 / Iowa)

At The Edge Of Everything

We talked awhile that night
A façade of words
Through which we could both see
It was happening
Her and I stood
at the edge of everything

We knew nothing
No acquaintance was needed
I breathed her in
Dark eyebrows framed her face
Accenting the brushstrokes and soft colors
A portrait of allure
Shades of escape
Hues of a landslide
Doors creaking open
An outstretched hand

Not wrong for the soul
Let this painting be mine
And home would never be the same
No walls, no ceiling
Sacrificed by her admission
I allowed this
And braced myself
For the fall

I drank too much of her
Lost for a time
The guilt of thirst stung
Like a diamond cutting into my flesh
Again and again and over again

At the end of the night
The unsung notes of
Coded on my breath
I kissed her cheek
Stepped back and watched her go

She smiled
It was real
Alive with promise and passion
Her love like napalm
In the jungle of mediocrity
I opened my arms
Palms to the sky
All my life
at that moment
Ceased to matter
At the edge of everything
I lept
and watched as it all fell away at my feet

Her hand was warm.


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