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At The Graveyard

I was at the cemetery when my uncle and aunt were buried
A worker there gave me a wink and asked me if I was married,
I told her that I was single and that I haven't interred any wives
So, I live in peace and harmony, and I respect all lives.
My cousins were there of course for the burial of their parents
They were obnoxious, and for revenge they were all declarants,
They were accusing non-present siblings as liars and thieves
I began thinking about picking up a dozen or so wreaths.
I listened and I watched as my cousins fought over possessions
Then I watched their bickering, and I heard their lewd confessions,
When I die I don't want any fussing or fighting with anyone related
I want my house with all my possessions all with me cremated.
My cousins talked terribly about their siblings, so I gave a shrug
The worker at the cemetery shook her head and then gave me a hug,
She then looked at me and said, "why not I be more than your friend"
"Instead of leaving an inheritance, your money you and I could spend."

Randy L. McClave

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THIS gave me a laugh: why not I be more than your friend Instead of leaving an inheritance, your money you and I could spend. BUT i like the idea (sort of) of having your possessions cremated with you! or maybe buried with you under a pyramid? a STEEL pyramid! ! ! bri :) to MyPoemList.
a new word for me: declarant .............i wonder what it means here de·clar·ant dəˈklerənt/ Law noun plural noun: declarants a person or party who makes a formal declaration. US an alien who has signed a declaration of intent to become a US citizen. to be cont.