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At The Lake

I got this little spot
just out of town
next to a lake
not much else around

There I can hear the wind blow
rustling through the trees
sometimes I can hear the fish jump
eating amongst the reeds

It is very quiet
no machines or human sounds
just those of little critters
looking for food on the ground

Here you can smell the trees
amongst all of natures smells
honeysuckle, a few weeds
water standing in a well

At night the fire crackles
shadows dance around the circle
reflections on the water
the horizon turning purple

As I cook some food
the smells begin to wander
drawing everyone near
tomorrow's goals we ponder

Will we fish? , Will we swim?
or will we just lay around
will we hit golf balls in the lake
or drive our tractor to town?

Maybe we will sit right here
and sip old Jim Beam down
cause that's what I like the best
about that spot just out of town!

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