My Promise To You

I promise baby, I'll love you
And with you forever I'll stay
I'll do anything and everything
To keep any harm to you away

I promise baby, I'll give you hugs
That only I can give
I'll honor and protect you
As long as I shall live

I promise baby, I'll give you kisses
So sweet that forever you'll taste
I'll kiss you until every tomorrow is here
No kisses for you will go to waste

I promise baby, I'll be here with you
Like I know you'll be here for me
I'll bring happiness to your eyes
That can only be brought by me

I promise baby, I'll never again hurt you
forever have no fears
I'll give up everything
To see you cry no tears

I promise baby you can trust me
I'll give you the world and more
I'll be your fairy-tale suitor
You shall be my Cinderella girl

I promise baby I'll treat you
As every women should be
My beautiful royal princess
I'll show you off for everyone to see

I promise all this to you
Promises so deep
I promise baby
All of these to keep

by Anonymous

Comments (3)

Those last four lines are very expressive of the durability of glorious moments- - they do last but at such a tempered level, not that statuesque high level but maybe that is why we keep searching for another glorious moment
Nice poem with superb imagery, Thanks for sharing Those at the parapet stand, statuesque, Their tiny silhouettes nicking the sky.
You snatched a sense of grace in your poem, Daniel. Your eye is a cine camera, with brain and heart embedded!