At The Moment

Poem By Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

When you hold a person's hand
Hold him tight so close to you
Hold him not sparing any of your strength
That may be your last hold of him
You may never see him again

When you have a friend in deed
Explore every opportunity
Smile and laugh as much you can
Be yourself and fake it at times
Show your anger and passions too
That may be the last you have of him
When you see a person once
Take as much views as you can
Make an image you'll love that lasts
Make fun the moments you share
Never extend a pinch for ‘morrow
Tomorrow make come with a contrast in plan
You may never meet again

When you have a neighbor around
Use them all as much you should
Enjoy their being as much you can
You twain part and comeback never

When you see a child at lawn
Smile to him and make it real
That may be all he'd seen of smiles
He may never see as such again
No two smiles look alike

When you have your parents at hand
Show them love as they do too
Show you care though rich or poor
Whether be busy still linger near
Let them trust and b'lieve in you
That hope may be keeps them going
Parents too go and never return
And you'll never have same again

When you have a being to love
Love every bit and inch and step
Love for tomorrow never is
Show it all and hide a non
Take all of you in the game
Show all care as much you can
Do it all and fear no imperfection
Hurt and pains are part of life
Love goes and love comes anyway
But non is same again of love

I had a friend I once loved so
I stole a little glimpse per day
Leaving the best for the morrow
She, so lovely I didn't want to behold it all
I seldom knew the morrow's plan
I should have had her all at once
Now I know not if she lives

When you happen to find this love
You'll know it comes once in a blue moon
No two loves are alike or same
Love's all you have to give to all
Failing to share it is up to you

When you have a pleasing moment
Beware what you do in that moment
Pleasing moments are like weather
Don't do to die all in one
Make it in bits and get fun off it
Making it pleasant is your role in the stage
Though like weather it is to man
So subduable it has become

When you are in a place in crowd
Have a good feel of it all
As your feelings feel so you are
And so you feel for others too
Leave a good step for a good talk
People go and never return
Following in turn are you and places
You'll be happier if you left a mark.

When you earn after a labour
Saving is killing investment is life
But eat today like never before
Your wealth may be another's tomorrow
Today is living but death calls after
And though you are yet to eat to stupor
You'll go without pity all the same
So when you have at hand and will
Eat and enjoy for there's never a morrow.

But among the gathering of the brethren
It is you alone and not another
Put your best and never expect
All you sow will greatly return
For God looks in through the hearts
And gives and gives and never withholds
Oh when it is all about God
What goes around comes around
And his love is ever the same

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