At The Museum Of Resistance On A Small Screen In A Small Room

Occupied for five years
many were taken away.
In an attic Anna Frank
wrote a manual of hope.
She was not the only one.

At the Museum of Resistance
on a small screen in a small room
a black and white home movie runs.

To pass the war in camera
eleven hidden actors
in silent interaction
mime away their lives.

There is a break in the film
then seven would-be actors
(silent smiles that scream)
sleepwalk through their parts.

A printed card explains,
‘discovered or betrayed.
When the reel runs out
a second card explains,
’these too were taken away.

As you leave the room you realize
they want you to come back.

When you have left you know
they come forward to the glass
and with their knuckles, rap

by Sean Joyce

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