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At The Park

I sit inside the park, on a bench, so my thoughts I can ponder
About why I am here and also out yonder,
I see the squirrels and the birds and the many caretakers
As they thrive and survive and cleanup God's acres.
I watch the people as they walk and as they enjoy their day
They look at the flowers and the trees, I wish I could hear what they say,
Maybe they are just giving thanks to God and also unto the outdoors
What that we have now to enjoy, once was only yours.
A small breeze arrives I now watch the dancing of the leaves
The grass is now bowing to the wind, at least that is what my eyes perceives,
I see the colors of nature that would surpass the crayons in any box
The clouds and the park now give me many creative blocks.
I look towards the pond to watch the dancing water in the fountains
In the backdrop, I can also see the many beautiful mountains,
Then that quietness and serenity ends with a loud exclaim
From the crack of a bat, from a nearby Baseball game.
Inspiration it now surrounds me as I sit alone, on a bench, inside the park
Many of my own questions are answered, in the daylight and not in the dark,
My soul is now joyful through beauty, and entertainment, and delight
I now take out my pencil and paper; I then begin to write.

Randy L. McClave

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