(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

At The Precipice

It is always unwise to lie and deny it.

It has to be heard and seen to witness.
With eyes clear and minds receptive.
To beliefs kept by some.
Many disbelievers,
In denial.
Would chase away or run from them,
When a doing was done.

It has to be heard and seen.
Even if prepared to criticize and demean.
To believe.
No one can escape safely through an exit.
What the swift removal,
Of kept deceptions bring.

A precipice of change arrives unnamed.
Although far from anonymous.
To know it hazardous and destructive.
By all who resist its presence.
To defend and protect kept delusions unending.
At this precipice of change can be hazardous.
And traumatic.
To all still sitting defiant and reliant upon,
Their pretensions deluded to resist...
Truth to undo that proves it will always rule.
Over corruption and the destruction of it permitted.

It is always unwise.
To lie and deny it.
With a belief truth to kill it,
Has no chance to survive.
Yet it does.
Without disguising it to hide.
Before open eyes and ears,
Realizing the effectiveness of its presence.
At the precipice of undeniable change.

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