This Endless War

This endless war manifests itself,
In their helmets they turn their backs,
I do not know communications,
And I do not have any irritable crimes.
But the bombs are launched on a location
By the cruisers and low aircraft.
By this time an old weapon has emerged
That elevates the people's ranks
And tears down the television and radio.
The war of communications has been a loser
For their war crimes are unnoticeable
And the crimes of the domestic sin
Are laughable deeds of difference.
May one break down the walls
Encasing the forgotten souls of events
Far-reaching, their homes are lost
To the sentences of the battles
And minor skirmishes.

by Naveed Akram

Comments (2)

This is a fine poem. The perception in the 5th stanza is reptilian and appalling.
This is elegant and touching poetry. A turning point of no return. A broken heart. The light does not give perfect vision.