At The Villa

I came to the Waters thirsting to talk
It was a beautiful day, I went for a walk
I saw the sun on the ocean, how it glistened
It came to me I needed to see, to feel and to listen
The salt water spray felt cool on my face,
Tiny droplets resembling pieces of fine lace
A white dove flew over a symbol of peace
I felt some of my burden being released
I heard the gentle breaking of the waves on the shore
And I felt my spirits beginning to soar.
The sound of the waters, flowing back to the sea.
Were taking with it another sad part of me.
The flapping of the birds as they took off in flight
They also took with them a part of my plight
I will come again to the waters from time to time
To nurture this gift, which is finally mine
I had searched high and low, hoping to find
This gift so sublime, "Peace of Mind"

by Marion C. Fitzgerald

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