Good Bye My Love

There's a reason I've turned away from your love.
Depriving myself of the man I've drempt of.
Your heart reaching for mine,
words sweet as wine.
Your touch, heaven sent from above.

A sentence of death has been handed to me.
Of mind, body and soul, our love never to be.
Please turn and walk on,
not just after I'm gone,
but now, as my tears set you free.

Your deserving of love that's enduring forever.
I've prayed I could give you, 'Happily Ever After'.
But, now it's to late.
I must face my fate.
Forgive me, my love, I'm not stronger.

Please understand that your love is my dream.
Your arms wrapped around me, secure, it would seem.
No protection from death
as I take my last breath
and darkness creeps over my being.

Good bye my love, I'm pleading.

by Lisa Culley

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Thomas Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up