Beauty is not what makes us
But what we make it
Beauty doesnt care about flaws
Because it is inside and out
Beauty loves like no other
And is careful not to let us fall
Like others do

by Poetic Justice

Comments (4)

just got another thought about this; intriguing how you normally write in long sprawling spacial poems about claustrophobic environments in the backstreets of new york, and yet here you are in this wide open setting of nebraska and you describe it in a tight and narrow poem.
this sounded a bit different to your usual work, your wording a bit different working within a more confined space. a beautiful result.
Your poem fills me with warmth, Charles. Susie.
Revisiting England a few years ago I was stunned by the acres of rapeseed (unfortunate name) blanketing the Cambridgeshire countryside. A new England to get used to, yellow. Sunflowers in Nebraska aren't alien! love L