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At This Moment
KB (SePTeMBer,18 1983 DEath i Believe i am ImMorTal / a S M a R a)

At This Moment

At this time at this moment you are reading this
Some one somewhere is infected by HIV virus

At this time at this moment you were done with the two lines
Some one somewhere has died of poverty or disease

At this time at this moment some one’s daughter or son
Are losing their parents and will soon be an orphan

By this time you might be thinking about it
Somewhere some one’s heart is slowing its beat

I am just a poor citizen owns nothing but my hands and feet
And there they dance and drink all night, the elite

Today it could be her, him and generally them
Tomorrow it would be me, you and generally us
Who would be full of sorrow
But help the children of the future
Let them borrow
They will definitely pay you back
When (*If*) they grow


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Comments (11)

An amazing composition in favor of mankind. Love it.10 added.
Very thought provoking...A letter to the world..Good work, ..keep it goin'
Amazing poem, Konjit... brilliantly composed and purposeful. Brian
my dear child, u ll grow as very good poet.poetry is not just about yourself, it is as much about others.and when we speak about others are we not telling something about ourselves as well? keep going.goodluck.
I love this, how true it is aswell. Mary got it spot on - compassionate! Moyax
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