At Times

A plant with leaves open to the air and wind
Indelible by rain, occupies the mind in a
Sweet refrain, signalling oh so green
Wavering, waving, fear nothing
Tonight and every dark night
Alighting by your bedside
Keeper of light by your
Sole appointment
Never a source
Of decei
Of your time
In being lost at times
In a maze, seeking warm
Embrace, but so cold by the
Door, ignore, gotta run, lack time
Drinking bottles of rice wine, what's
Your currency, golly gee, keep track on
Slack, everybody's gone, on the seen zone
Smoke out of fire, frozen desire, plants do wilt
Expressing appreciation, momentary procrastination

by Doris Cornago

Comments (2)

I'm sorry for this glitch which caused the K to be misaligned. I've tried many times to correct but this app chose to maintain such a disfigured K. Just imagine it's a perfect K with these words separate Hoarding and Of your time. There's supposed to be a pause, a recall, a recollection and absolution, before proceeding to the next lines.
Doris, such a heartwarming poem...10+++