Love Without Fancy Words And Shiny Stars

LOVE... You can possess but you can’t hold it
LOVE... You can feel but you can’t see it,
LOVE...You can give but you can’t buy it
LOVE... You can start when you advertise,
LOVE... with your smiles and your eyes
LOVE Mam’n’Dad an’ sister an’ brother,
LOVE your friends and one another
Love your lover in that yummy order, ,
LOVE your neighbour over the border the top Nan’n’Pop,
LOVE all the dickie birds in the tree top
LOVE your doggie an’pussycat,
LOVE all animals don’t forget that
Love a little for yourself, an’ those that hate,
Love the world an’ you’ll change its fate
Love will then return thru your own gate.

by Ken e Hall

Comments (2)

I'm sorry for this glitch which caused the K to be misaligned. I've tried many times to correct but this app chose to maintain such a disfigured K. Just imagine it's a perfect K with these words separate Hoarding and Of your time. There's supposed to be a pause, a recall, a recollection and absolution, before proceeding to the next lines.
Doris, such a heartwarming poem...10+++