At War With My Country

Suddenly I feel at war with my Country,
Country of origin, land of my birth,
Fortunate senior, not long for the Earth.

Patriot lust to kill natives still lingers,
Mass racial prejudice never will end,
Does man exist I would want as a friend?

People I've known and loved all of my lifetime,
Shame me to core with their anger and pride
Christians? Invisible! Perhaps they hide?

Dinosaur eggs found in most backward nation,
Strange orange-haired dodos I don't recognize
No warmth, they're raptors (I fear) in disguise.

Now hatred turns to the newest arrivals
I'm here, no reason for you to appear.
Europeans last to deserve being here!

How does it feel to wake up in revulsion?
Dreaming 'Tea Party' in GITMO a clue?
Traitors United, may God turn you Blue!

Waterboard anyone found to hate Science,
Exorcize all folk who 'know' that God's real,
Make them confess sins they never reveal!

Sexual transgressions? Please get early cancer!
Daughter or son, should we care if you die?
Science verboten and no alibi!

Zealots at work, sabotage Blue State voters,
Blacks just inferior, don't count for much,
Burning of truth is how Rebs stay in touch.

Rich men buy congress to 'FREE' them of taxes,
Tax relief stupid, a thing of the past.
Forget the future! Swill 'NOW' unsurpassed!

Goose stepping fascists who think they're in power,
(Even the planet now plots their downfall) ,
Surf global warming till ashes are all.

Long Tooth
July 31,2017

by Long Tooth

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