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At War With Yourself
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

At War With Yourself

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I have lost all control over my soul
They won the war as my drugs take hold
I do as I’m told, engulfed in my demons victory
It feels so good could this be but trickery?

Being swept away high away
Giggling demons wanna play
So they invade my head with thoughts of dread
I swear to god coz he wants me dead

So as I pop the pills I’m on the counter
Attacking them now I’ve never felt prouder
Feeling them retreat now or is it willing?
Inadvertently possibly did I do there bidding?

As the pills take affect I'm no longer a wreck
Collapsed in my bed as I hit the deck
But its as I wake I start to brake
As I get devoured like a piece of cake

The demons take hold again taking over
They won’t stop until I'm no longer sober
And heading towards my own little Dover
On a valium ferry coz I don’t like rovers

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Comments (3)

A beautiful composition. Love it.
you have to believe in yourself. outcast the demons once and for all!
Not a perfect poem, but you express your problem very well.