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At Willow Grove
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

At Willow Grove

To edify my emancipated mind
I sojourn to The Willow Grove
Place of mantic darkness
I revel with Hecate and The Empusae
Around a ritual conflagration
Overtly requesting their baneful love
We journey along The Willow Root
To days of yore
I am votary and swain of this Dark Sisterhood
I shall not founder; my beautifuls

In Land of Canaan, sweet Lilith appears
At Willow Grove, in darkness
Her daughters, The Lilim, begird me
With fain gesture, I oblate myself
They make libation of my life force
Teeth bared
Pallour skin
Raven hair
Sanguine lips
They rend the votive asunder; my beautifuls

The Graeae appear back at Mount Nonacris
At Willow Grove
With a single eye they watch
The Harpies chant my name
With felicity, I fly the astral dreaming
The Gorgons take to the benighted sky
I return to them, drinking from River Styx; my beautifuls

The Muses of Death doth grant me this anodyne
At Willow Grove
Where The Maiden weeps on May Day
O`er many lives they love me
From this black love
I am reborn

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