Atalanta In Camden -Town

AY, 'twas here, on this spot,
In that summer of yore,
Atalanta did not
Vote my presence a bore,

by Lewis Carroll Click to read full poem

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A brilliant piece. Thanks for sharing.
Well, I got a good laugh out of it. I was interested in many of the questions raised by comments below but have nothing to add to their discussion but to say it is good to see some educated comments posted instead of the flood of ugliness and filth and fguyjo; k'ihuyyfv klkuih comments that have been posted lately and that PH is allowing to remain. Makes a mockery of this site for those of us who are serious about literature.
Drunk with the dawn! ! Thanks for sharing.
but, lewis, i'd day, why not ask her again for her answer? -gk
A great poem in story style, loved
O those eloquent eyes! I was drunk with the dawn Of a splendid surmise -I was stung by a look, I was slain by a tear... amazing dear poet.
Such a great write by Lewis Carroll👍👍👍
A take-off on Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydon.
This is a very unusual Lewis Carroll poem in that the element of fantasy appears to be almost completely absent. It's very tempting to speculate in fact whether the 'I' in the poem could be Dodgson himself. If it is then it is extremely interesting to note that he appears to be as equally able to satirize himself as he was the rest of his contemporaries.