JB (18 October 1911 - 13 September 1975 / Gildersome, Yorkshire)

Second Chance

I have run with the best
Now I can rest
No gate and wire
To run the test

My new friends
Look upon me
In a different way
I sense it's not a money play

Confinement locked our spirits down
Thanks to Wallkill
We now tread on free ground
Were cocaine thoughts dissipate

As I walk in my friends gentle gate
We two have been abused
Our youth drained out
Like a burnt up fuze

Our days now are gentle
Like the breezes that blow
It sure is good the inmates apreciate us so
Each day is kinder than the day before

Never more to enter the race track door

Nick Krakana ©
Timmins - Ontario

by Nick krakana

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