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ATAQUE de nerve..
Boons are bowls as rice and men to turn about.
Feed for bowls to face the rice with wrongs.
Sours to grapes are says to powers.
Gods will cycle as worlds are spin.

Men are actions react and deemed.
Cast as gods are goddess fantasy.
Wide and far intended are powers.
Wide to open are lover hearts.

Wide amuck are sealed to accords.
Loathing crowned are lionized traders.
Clean up acts inversed corrected.
Clean up minds as kill against evils.

Spiritual unity loves in masses.
Gods absolve but men have errors.
Gods absolute judge replace our errors.
Gods absolute judge replace our measures.

Peoples kill animal fight for merits.
Skew-Ness graphs are heavy left.
Money tickets go with powers.
Powers go extended.

Worlds are large enlarged to big as bigger kings.
Ordinates powers go to gods with cants.
Gods as powers cut my cookies.
Gods as morals ATAQUE de nerves are each.

Gods have got un-condition-sexes but men will need for moneys.
Needy men will get our needy gods.
Worship gods will get no worst in cases of scenes.
Wooden men will eat the wooden plums that give by gods to us.

Gods are wooden.
Equal near are draw by inches.
Gods absolute near are equal nil.
Nil random goes despair as lives.
NILGAI NIM the grasses.
Men have raided the rice.
Nukes are news to 24-hours as social.
Nudes are hooker go to dimes.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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