BL (August 24,1990 / Erie, PA)

'Atheism Of Love'

Circumstances irrelevant to the way that I feel
There is nothing to change my mind
Meeting people that make me sick, and sicker
Seeing people that cause me to do things
Never have the august experiences hit me
I’m not like the world
I have no beliefs, anyone to hug
I hate the feeling of not feeling
I’m callous when you hug me
The pity runs through my mind
Men I gave my heart to have burned it
Women I have given my heart to stab it
Why is the whole world a believable on?
I hate the gambol I play everyday
Just to say hi
Just to walk by
I say goodbye

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very good feeling like oxymoronism in a vauge sensitivity of life type of thing. Lylyanna
I'm sorry you feel this way, but remember that there in One who would never hurt you, who died for you, that you might live. You did a wonderful job of communicating your feelings here. We all feel this way now and then.