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An atheist died and he went to hell
He saw the devil and where he did dwell
The atheist screamed “you are just a child’s tale”
The Devil smiled back and uttered, “well, well well”.

The atheist didn’t believe that hell ever existed
Even though preachers preaching it had persisted
The belief from family and friends had also insisted
But to believe in heaven and hell, the atheist resisted.

“For myself” spoke the Atheist, “GOD was never there”
Only fools listen and only fools need to say a prayer
To believe in Heaven and Hell, I do not, I do swear
“And to sin or not to sin”, the atheist said “I do not care”.

I don’t believe in either the atheist said
Because when a person is dead, they are dead
We drink no more drinks and we eat no more bread
We will no longer exist, the atheist pled.

The devil looked at the atheist who tried to leave
He took his arm and he smiled as he did deceive
This thought was all mine, which only I could conceive
To believe in hell the devil spoke, I didn’t want you to believe.

Randy L. McClave

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