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Atlantic Waves
GSG Gary Scott Gebert (05/31/62 / Milwaukee, WI)

Atlantic Waves

Perched upon sandy beach
crabs dig into earth's crust
pelicans dive as if to imitate war heroes
dolphins glide through waters untamed

Peering through darkened lens
bones of sea floor warriors push
upon this desert of sand
drenched in the mysterious blackness below

Above gulls swoop annoyed
at our ignorance of their needs
calling for mercy
pleading for the bread in which they partake

As if an emptying water glass
the waves pound, like the heart of earth
beating the shoreline with its fervor
until the tide takes away their power

The burning sky cascades it's power
turning my flesh to ripened fruit
heating dainty skin to rough leather
causing pain to any who bathe

The night sky though glistens
a full moon reflects off calmer water
mirroring each shooting star with precision
illuminating the thin clouds above

Ah, paradise

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nice metaphor about the pelicans. Shades of Philip Larkin in closing lines of last stanza - interesting.