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Atlantis, Forgot

The documents read
The gods are not dead
Coming down from the skies
Hear the noise and the cries

The language of influence
Is cluttered with Hieroglyphs
Starlings of the slipstream
Slipping away from the conscious stream

There's no women in Aswan
There's no giants in Baalbek
There's no coast close to Memphis
And Atlantis, they forgot

Venom of a cobra on an arrow
Sliced through the chest of the pharaoh
Egypt handed to the thugs of Thebes
Tycoons coming down on lowland breeds

Call a chieftain; fly away
In the slipstream we will stay
Tropic of Cancer, Capricorn
Aligned with starlings when we’re born

There’s no treasury of Angkor Wat
There’s no border at Borobudur
There’s no seaway to Machu Picchu
And Atlantis, again forgot

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