AM (03/14/95 / England)


You rip through the trees,
A black blur stronger then
The world's ever witnessed,
Thick paws heavy with dread
And with knowledge
And with things kept from

You howl,
Again, the birch's
Nothing more then
A snow striped blurr,
Nothing more then
A pointless thing,
You howl with dread
Blankness. Death.

But you are stronger then
You press on,
Heedless of the blood-stained
Cantelope sky,
Heedless of the ropy red clouds,
Heedless of the lake,
A reflective of sky.

You tramp in, your intentions clear,
The sky thrust on your paws
And the summer birch's spin
As do the clouds,
And the air
And shadows
Of the wind.

But you are heedless of

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Comments (2)

It's funny. I joined for the e-poems, and I just typed in my name to see what would show up. I like it!
Interesting, edgy. HG: -) xx