(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Give me an antelope with an antecedent fact on this muse!
For, i know the pains that these girls go through;
Thereafer, the whole story becomes an apagoge when,
You hear that a father had sex with his own daughter.

Very appalling! !
And like the beautiful roses of love on the bed of thorns;
However, one needs a self-defence and the self-control to move on in this life.

It is news to me!
Because, the journey of this love was cut short by you;
And now, you are lying down like a dog! !

Alone in the dark,
And like a famous Chief called, 'Nana Awurade Basa'! !
But, try to hold on to the unity of the community;
Because, a father had been caught after having sex with his own daughter.

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