Attached To Thee

Abutted to my skin is my affection for her, deep are my aspirations anchored in the depths of my soul, ooh baby i'm attached to thee.Dry like a cut off branch so shall my soul be like if i let thee go. Draw me close to you so i will be glad an rejoice in thee, ooh thou whom my soul loveth. I have found her whom my heart loveth.

thy lips are like a thread of scarlet and thy speech is comely, the sweet savour of thy ointments reaches my nostril like a sweet aroma of an accepted sacrifice. never withdraw thy love from me my beuatiful woman, thy attractive smile has wounded me.

I will be like a city without walls, a nation without a leader if u abandon me my love. i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine: i am so deeply attached to thee my beloved. My left hand will always be under your head and my right hand shall embrace thee, thy beauty is skin deep my love.

My heart do safely trust thee my beloveth, I shall not lack when I am with thee. My soul is deeeply attached to thee my love, please stay with me till death do us part my beloveth

by Mandla Prince KedamileKoti

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safely trust here, good writing, thanks. Please read my poems and say something..