Attacks On Mother Nature

It's the end of the Hollywood minded.
And those of elitist seasoning.
Feel sympathy for those who chose greed to chase.
Feel no empathy at all,
For those who created homelessness and hunger...
With no hindsight to erase.

It is the end of those who choose racism to feed.
As if their ignorance is a prize to protect,
To defend as hoarded treasures...
Others come with threatening measures,
To steal as an act to distract from their misdeeds.

A higher consciousness has clearly,
Opened eyes wide to see...
Who the fools are that have led,
Attacks on Mother Nature.
Now doing their best to 'cap' the flow...
Of the depths of their treachery.

Attacks on Mother Nature done,
Should be enough to expose those criminals...
In the minds of all now awakened,
Who will not allow a place for deceivers...
To hide their faces in escape.
Or offer shelter for them to run.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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