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Poem By Absent Wryta

I would like to speak to you truly
About lately what you have been doing
You have been seeking my attention

When you call me
And contact me
When you write me
And message me
You say you want some attention
I think you just want a reaction

You say you have something to say
And can you have some attention
I think you have nothing to say
And just need a distraction

Now I give you my attention
Without much of a reaction
So quickly now you are retracting
Your eagerness to be distracting

Do you need me to make you feel real?
Do you want me to make you feel blue?
Is this why you persist on?
Is it just that you need
to keep me guessing
to keep me keen

So now while you have my attention
I think I should mention
That you should not seek attention
Without doing much preparation
For when things happen like you never could determine

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Murphy's Law - when something will go wrong it will go wrong at the wrong time. or something like that.