(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

God, Please Do Not Feed The Greed

Thou art with me now lord? In my thoughts and pastoral prayers,
“Indented in the moon I fear my melancholy stares.”
I’m asking you for chances that you’re not going to give,
I shall not take offence to it as it’s my own life I live.

“Death shall come to me one day! ” I realised in some day.
“And if I’m granted passage, all my grievances I’ll say! ”
Its not like me to challenge god, he has done no wrong to me
It’s the lives he fill’s with more than I, that I don't like to see!

If you should grant just one request, and put a bow around for me,
Then I would sing a thousand songs to profess my love for thee.
And with my life on the crooked edge, of corporeal bliss,
I want a lover’s loving love and a lovers loving kiss.

I am aware that my request seems cliché and outdated
But lord to love, as you well know, should never not be fate.

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