AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)


Atención, All people

Warning, warning, warning
De alerta, alerta, alerta
Stay on the alert
There will not be no mourning

Mourning over a lost soul
People see all there is to see
Mourning over a soul to be
One that has to become whole

Whole with the one they love
Staying under the covers
Looking down on their lover
Seeking the white dove

Crashing into the gates
The gates of heaven
With the number eleven
Now, everything is at stake

Eleven missing souls
The other two are gone
Their all alone
Everything as a toll

A toll not willing to be taken
A prison at the end of the road
Trying to figure out the code
Everyone if faking

Faking like they really care
Care about the lost souls
Even if they have to pay for the toll
Now, you are scared

Warning, warning, warning
De alerta, alerta, alerta
Un alma perdidas, alma perdidas, alma perdidas
The lost souls, lost souls, lost souls

Atención, All people

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