~attention: I'Ve Just Received An S.O.S.

I’ve just received an S.O.S:
That read:
“Please Save Our Souls”
“This life has been so horrid
and it’s taken brutal tolls.

We need your words of wisdom.
We need your expertise.
We need some reassurance.
Oh, could you help us please?

We don’t know how to flourish
or how to simply shine.
We only want some happiness
so we can say 'It's mine”.

This state of such emergency
can not be washed away.
It must be cleansed through kindness.
Please help us heal today!

The years have left us battered.
They’ve left our young hearts torn.
Sometimes we have to wonder
why we ever had been born.”

I may not be there with you
But in spirit I shall be.
I hear your painful cries for help
I hear your mournful pleas.

So to the hurting masses
with the dying hearts with holes
let me reassure you
that if I could I'd save your souls.

Of course I'd be there with you
and offer you my hand.
I'd give to you my shoulder
to lean on as you stand.

But, the strength is deep within you
don't be afraid to see
the answers are before you
for this you don't need me.

You have the only power
to illuminate your life.
Just focus on forgiveness
for yourself...just dropp your knife.

You do deserve your happiness
just let yourself be free.
Unlock your lonely prison
you hold the only key.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (12)

A compassionate, wise, and very well-written poem. Salvation is from within.
Mary, I don't know where you get it from but you sure have got it - well done
This is beautiful. Uplifting, and honest enough to give anyone hope. Your words are so powerful, yet you always show such great compassion with your observations. Magical. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
Mary, your title caught my 'attention' and your poem held it! A wonderful lesson for all. Brian
One of your reviews led me to your sight. I love this piece work. You might enjoy mine. I'll continue reading. Alaska
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