(1st - 2nd Century CE / Tamil Nadu / India)

Grandma Loved


Alice Martin Loved her life,
And enjoyed it everyday.
Often starting with Hope, Grace, Anamary,
Hazel, Marge, and Ellamae

Grandma Loved her Gunsmoke,
The Virginian and Big Valley.
And don't forget The Rifleman,
And Little House on the Prarie.

Her and Grandpa Loved their Hee Haw,
And The Andy Griffith Show.
And who could forget Wilbur Wingate,
And the laughter it bestowed.

Grandma Loved her church,
And singing out to the Lord.
And when the prayer chain called,
She'd pass it on next door.

Grandma Loved her music,
From Gene Autry to The King.
And play something Gospel,
Then listen to her sing.

Grandma Loved to cook,
And did so everyday.
Her kitchen was a feeding ground,
For those that passed that way.

And what she cooked was awesome,
Those pies would make your day.
She kept that oven busy,
And she did it her own way.

And how about the games,
That grandma Loved to play.
From Chinese Checkers to Rummy,
And the puzzles that took days.

And remember that old paddle ball,
How she made that ball sail.
And when the rubber band would break,
Sometimes that paddle met your tail.

Grandma Loved her photos,
Of the places they had seen.
And loved to show us all,
With the projector and the screen.

And with every photo she had,
You always knew the names.
For the details were on the back,
Written from Sunrise Lane.

Her and Grandpa Loved to visit,
To all of those in need.
Because they truly cared for others,
I wonder, did they sow that seed?

Oh how grandma Loved her family,
Her grandchildren she adored.
Remember all those Christmas mornings,
As we piled through the door.

And how about her own kid's,
Don, Dick and Punch.
And don't forget Donna Sue,
She'd call them a handsome bunch.

And Grandma's one true Love,
Freeman "Doc" Martin.
Whom she will enjoy Eternity with,
And that is just now start-in.

Written by Scott Martin

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Sunpr* don't joke, please.. ;)
.............beautifully written.....lovely poem...