Spring already
Flowers blooming
Birds humming
Sing their sweet
Sweet song

The air
Full of blossoms
Blooming flowers..
Blooming plants…
Blooming love

Spring is clean..
Spring is fresh…
Spring is that new beginning
We pray for in the end

by Alexsis Daniels

Comments (9)

an may i add to stem the leak, my legs went weak rain pouring in attic album turned to brick just look at the halla ballu and humdrum of a desi marriage and then time treats the occasion in its own peculiar way very poignant and reflective small piece cheers
sometimes memory is very cruel!
u reminded, subtle yet imapcting. gud write...
Memories also are like Black and White photographs Some bring smiles And some tears We have to brush aside! Very touching and brings a sense of sadness with it too. Angel
Very nostalgic. Perhaps, you shed a tear ot two as you did this. Lovely.. Always your friend, Sandra
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